Connect with wine lovers on the web and on mobile devices, make your company known to tourists as they plan their wine tour

How it works
Plan, manage and publish on multiple channels your visits and tastings
Sales channels
With Calendar you can promote your events and receive direct bookings or booking requests by 3 different WineAround platforms
Booking button

Thanks to Wine Around booking button you can receive requests and real time bookings through your own online channels

  • Website: simply paste your booking button code on your website page and receive bookings by your website’s visitors
  • Facebook: put your booking button into your Facebook page and receive bookings from Facebook users
  • Mail: by sharing your booking button link with your mailing list or by adding it to your newsletter you’ll turn your contacts into visitors!
  • App
    The iOS and Android app dedicated to wine tourists. With WineAround it’s simple to schedule and book visits and tastings from everywhere, on mobile connection
    WineAround reception is a sale channel created for tourism operators. Through WineAround reception hotels, farmhouses, tourist information points and travel agencies can easily book wine tours for their guests and customers


    • Receive notifications of booking and request via mail or SMS
    • Use Calendar for all your reservations and manage all your bookings and contacts on the same platform
    • Through WineAround you will always receive the authenticated mobile phones of guests
    • Cloud - login anywhere through internet
    • Export Calendar on iCal, Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook
    • Multilingual: post your events in any language
    • Multicurrency
    • Free support for editing your introduction texts and for completing your profile
    • Customer support via chat
    • Sell your events in real time or upon your direct confirmation


    • Increase your visitors’ number
    • Manage bookings and requests from the same tool
    • Manage your time better and reduce the number of phone calls and e-mails
    • Sell more wine
    • Receive bookings even outside of your office hours
    • Increase your web presence
    • Reduce no-shows
    • Make sure your visitors will not fall by the wayside with the GPS location
    • Protect guest privacy: WineAround doesn’t sell or share your and your customers’ data
    • Increase your presence on mobile devices
    • Turn your website visitors into winery visitors


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